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Form Builder

Our form builder is an open source tool that can be used to build forms in web apps more easily (more specifically for Angular 2+). Since it is our core belief that developers should work as efficient as possible, we made this tool also available for the community.

Almost every app has one or more forms to process user input. Instead of coding these forms manually, developers can use this tool to help them generate these forms.

You can access the tool here: Form/Class Builder

We already wrote some manuals about this tool on the Medium platform:

The ultimate guide to edit forms with Angular & Firebase (click here)

This post describes how to implement a very basic form in Angular while writing a minimum amount of code. Angular has 2 mechanisms to write forms: template driven or reactive. Both of them are supported.

Edit forms with Angular & Firebase part 2: form with sub-forms in a tabbed interface

This post builds on top of the previous post, but it explains how you can build more complex forms: sub-forms visualized in a tabbed interface.

Ultimate Angular Forms: Part III

This post goes deeper into the different type of controls that can be used.