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App Builder

Building an app is more complex than building a website. You don’t have tools like WordPress or Wix that allow you to quickly create or update apps and publish them in the app stores. Not 100% true, there exist some tools, but they all have their list of limitations.

At Appdnd we’re working on a tool that allows our customers to manage & update their app when it is already live in the app stores.

The benefits of this tool will be huge for startups & enterprises in need of an app:

  • It will be much cheaper to bring your app to live in the app stores
  • Shorter timespan to build an app
  • You can change & update your app, even when it is already published

For startups: it means they can test their ideas more quickly. For brands: it will be easier to update their apps with up to date content.

Do you want to use this tool or do you have ideas for this tool? Then let us know!

Expected release date: Q3 2019

Manage your content

An app should always show up to date content:

  • new articles
  • new marketing material
  • updated product specifications

With our app builder you can easily manage your content.


English is very popular, but we need to realize that only 20% of the world population understands English. So, it’s a huge missed opportunity if you can’t reach the other 80% of the world population. That’s why we build in translations as a core feature of the app builder.


You can easily extend your app with pre-defined page templates Let’s say you want to add a contact page to your app. No problem:

  • Select a contact page template from the template library
  • Provide the necessary content for this template
  • Provide translations

And you’re done! Your app has now a contact page.


Some features are more complex than just a template. If you want to use push notifications for instance, then you can add this to your app by activating the ‘push notifications’ plugin.