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Mobile App Development

Do you want your mobile app to delight your customers and stakeholders? Then select an experienced mobile agency like Appdnd (App Design & Development). We transform your product vision into a successful mobile application.

We offer integrated iOS & Android development services that span the entire mobile development spectrum: from business strategy to ongoing support. We also help our customers to select the best mobile technologies & strategies to implement their projects.


iOS App Development

We develop native iOS apps for the complete suite of mobile Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches (watchOS). Beyond understanding the basics of the iOS development environment, we have experience building apps that incorporate specific native iOS features.

Android App Development

We have experience building commercial and business mobile apps for Android, leveraging the full power of the Android OS and device-specific features.

PWA Development

Progressive Web Apps or PWA’s are apps delivered through the web as opposed to native apps that are packaged and deployed through the app stores.

We develop Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that are highly responsive, operate smoothly on all mobile browsers, are easily shareable and linkable, and maintain consistent usability despite inconsistent internet speeds.

PWA’s are basically websites, but websites that took all the right vitamins.

– Alex Russell –

Hybrid App Development

If your app needs to be available in both:

– the Apple App Store

– and the Google Play store

than we need to develop 2 different apps (although they might look almost identical). But if your app doesn’t require very specific features than we could also use the Hybrid App Development approach where we just need to develop a single app to make it available for both Apple and Google.