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Internet of Things

Embrace the Internet of Things

The shift is already happening: more and more devices and products are connected to the internet to improve operations and even more important to improve our daily lives.

At Appdnd we guide our customers with the design & development of these smart networks. We have the knowledge to program these devices, to connect them securely to the cloud and to design the accompanying apps to control and monitor your network of devices.

Use Cases

Smart Buildings & Cities

Build a comprehensive solution using many devices & sensors, and bring a new level of intelligence and automation to homes, buildings or even entire cities.

Logistics & supply chain management

Perform fleet management, cargo monitoring, inventory tracking with custom IoT solutions.

Real-time asset tracking

Track valuable assets in real time, perform analytics and machine learning on the data collected, and display the status of your business to deliver actionable insights.

Predictive maintenance

Optimize equipment performance in real time and predict when it needs maintenance. Predict all kinds of events, such as downtime and anomalies and track device status, state, and location.