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LoRa Config

The project

Emaze is a Belgian energy advice company. They have a product called ePortal for energy monitoring developed by PureAutomation. In collaboration with PureAutomation we build an app for their engineers that allows them to configure individual devices that are part of an IoT network based on the LoRa standard.

The Challenge

First some acronyms:

  • IoT stands for the Internet of Things and is made up of devices -from simple sensors to smartphones, wearables, etc- connected to each other.
  • LoRa stands for Long Range and is a data communication technology developed in France in 2012. It enables very long range transmissions (more than 10km) with low power consumption.
  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is a set of communication protocols that enable 2 electronic devices to communicate with each other when brought close to each other. One of these devices is usually a portable device such as a smartphone.

When deploying a new network of (LoRa) devices it is necessary for the engineers to configure these devices with the correct setup.

The Solution

We developed an app that can read & write the configuration of these devices. The engineers can now setup or debug these networks much faster.